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Based in Pennsylvania, USA, Mike McCarthy is a pianist/composer who has developed a particular fondness for the Beatles.  Playing cocktail sets around town over the years, Mike always tried to avoid anything "cheesy" or overplayed, which led him to explore the Beatles' deeper cuts - a massive catalouge of over 200 works mainly from the infamous writing duo Lennon & McCartney.  McCarthy's latest effort, "Gently Sleeps: A Calming Tribute to The Beatles," takes 13 sometimes forgotten Beatles gems and slows them way down into some minimalistic & rather relaxing renditions.  There's "an obvious love for the music that comes shining through" says reviewer Wildy Haskell.  

Ever since requesting his first piano lesson at the age of 6, Mike has been writing his own original works and his passion for composing grew exponetially over the years. This led to his debut of original compositions, "This Piano" -  a record that portrays a versatile player, bridging the gaps between solid technical skills and distinctive compositional instincts. The album was released in the fall of 2012 delighting reviewers and continuing to receive worldwide airplay.  "Recommended if you are looking for something a little different," says Kathy Parsons from MainlyPiano.com

When not performing, composing or recording, Mike enjoys a full roster of piano students and also runs Hear & There Music, a travelling music school and record label for Mike’s releases.






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Mike McCarthy

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  • 02/07/2014

Pianist Mike McCarthy releases calming Beatles tribute 2/7/14

On this 50th anniversary of the Beatles’ U.S. arrival, McCarthy offers an “intriguing new album.” – D. Macintosh

Taking the term “gentle” to the whole next level, pianist/composer Mike McCarthy releases “Gently Sleeps: A Calming Piano Tribute to the Beatles” to digital markets in the United States this Friday.

Can an soothing piano album of Beatles music be too calm?  While some listeners may simply enjoy drifting into a nostalgic daydream,...


  • 02/07/2014, Album Release, "Gently Sleeps: A Calming Piano Tribute to the Beatles", Hear & There Music View


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